About FBoL

What is Frost Bites of Life?

Frost Bites of Life is a family blog about everything…and nothing…and whatever falls in between.

In the simplest terms, it’s about me & my family.  It’s small glimpses, or bites, of our lives.  It will be about all the things that happen in our lives & where the journey takes us.  The adventures & travels, funny things that happen along the way, things we enjoy (and some things we don’t).  It will be about random thoughts that I have or questions I have about life.  There are no set boundaries, so even I’m not sure what all will be included in this blog.

I’m calling it a family blog, or a life blog, because it will encompass lots of different things.  It will be part travel blog, part movie review blog, part cooking blog, part restaurant blog, part parenting blog, part homeschool blog, part DIY blog, part…who knows what else.  Over time it might become more focused on one aspect, but then again it might become even more random.

Ultimately, this blog exists as a place for me to document what’s going on in our lives & somewhere to express my thoughts & opinions.  Hopefully, Frost Bites of Life will be something that other people enjoy enough to keep reading, or just to shake their heads & laugh.  My goal is that everyone who stumbles across this blog will be entertained, encouraged, or simply enjoy seeing the behind-the-scenes look at our life.

We are so exited to share with you all the wonderful things that God is doing in our lives & we invite you to come along as we discover what God has in store for us.

Who is Frost Bites of Life?

Frosty (a.k.a. Brad)

Proud father to an always on-the-move 10-year-old son & husband to an amazing homeschooling wife, I am the creator of this blog about our family & all the many facets of our lives.  I started this blog as a way to share the joys we experience (as well as the challenges), documenting the highlights of our family life, with a few random things thrown in as well. I’ve been blessed far more than I deserve & I’m honored to be able to share with you just how we’re enjoying this adventure called life. My life is a work in progress & through this blog, you’ll be witness to the ups & downs, ins & outs of my life as I try to be the husband, father, son, & man who God has created me to be.  I’m a sinner saved by God’s grace & my goal is to bring honor and glory to Jesus’ name every day.


Mrs. Frosty (a.k.a. Lisa)

The love of my life and my partner.  I could not imagine where I would be without this amazing woman at my side.  She has filled holes in my life that I never even realized were there.  She is the perfect companion for me and has improved every aspect of my life.  I never really believed in “one true love” until I met this wonderful woman over fifteen years ago.  Our life together has been an exciting adventure and I thank God every day for blessing me with such an amazing wife.  I cannot accurately describe all that she means to me & our family.  At the risk of using way too many analogies, she is the anchor that keeps us in line, the glue that holds everything together, & the life-preserver that keeps us afloat. Hopefully through this blog, whoever reads it will see just how special and amazing she is, and will soon agree that because of her, I’m the luckiest guy in the world!


Kid Frosty (a.k.a. Simms)

Full of passion and energy, this guy is our pride and joy.  I had no idea just how much having a son would bring to our lives, and I’m so thankful that God has blessed us with this special guy.  He likes to say that “Fun is my middle name”, and that’s a perfect description of his singular goal in every moment.  Life is never dull around him & I love seeing the world through his eyes as he discovers new things & puts his unique perspective on every situation. It’s so refreshing to see someone with such love and compassion for everyone he meets. It is my honor and privilege to be his father & hopefully I’m able to offer him some guidance as he discovers his place in this world.  I want to show my son everything this world has to offer, and then for him to decide where he wants to leave his mark.  He is capable of amazing things. His potential is unlimited, his passion and energy unbridled, his imagination boundless.  He’s growing up way too quickly and we’re just trying to hang on and savor every special moment in his life.  It’s exciting to witness all that God is doing in his life & we are so honored to join him on his amazing journey as becomes the man God is making him to be.


T-R-O-U-B-L-E (a.k.a. Sanders)

It’s a good thing this little guy is so darn cute because he wouldn’t last too long in this house otherwise!  I’m kidding, mostly.  He’s an energetic cockapoo who adores us, but not very many others.  He provides so many moments of laughter, as well as challenging our patience at times but we wouldn’t have him any other way. Starting out as a Christmas surprise, this guy has become so much more. He’s more than a pet, he’s part of our family. The love and devotion of a dog is a special thing, & this guy is overflowing with both.


Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoy your time here and become a regular visitor!